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Virtual CMO

L5 Consulting's Virtual CMO (vCMO) service provides your company with a senior executive that serves as a Chief Marketing Officer and sales advisor to your business. The vCMO team possesses a strong Marketing background and is familiar with a broad range of strategies and technologies that can be applied to delivering marketing solutions to reach your business objectives.

Our vCMO team oversees and reviews all of the activities and practices that deliver a strong positive representation of your company. We develop and align your marketing program with business initiatives to deliver business returns and strong service value. The target areas we focus on include:

Governance Programs

  • Objective analysis of Marketing and Advertising programs
  • Current state views with major performance benchmarks
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Governance practices ensuring transparency of business activities
  • Project and business initiative prioritization

Investment Strategies

  • Capital investments versus operational expenditures
  • Comprehensive 2-3 year view of planned Marketing projects based on business goals and objectives
  • Advertising and Marketing budgeting
  • Ongoing oversight of Marketing automation solutions and systems
  • Staff planning

Strategic Planning

  • Customized Marketing BluePrint
  • Matching business strategies with ongoing changes in advertising areas
  • Marketing and advertising improvement metrics and goals
  • Long-term process improvement strategies for advertising and message presentation


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