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Business Brief - Healthcare Practice Implements Cloud to Increase Profit

Organization Description

Headquartered in Fremont, CA, this group provides specialized medical care for over-60 seniors. They have four locations, each distributed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area: Fremont, Oakland, Livermore and San Mateo. There is a rotating staff of 35 employees, including four doctors and five medical assistants. Because of confidentiality requirements, the name of the group has not been disclosed.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to find a solution that allowed for centralized storage of non-medical information, integrated security, implementation of a backup and retention solution, conversion to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution and integration of a corporate email and an easy-to-use phone system. Moreover, management was not interested in a network of connected site links – something that was cost prohibitive.

Since much of the business relied upon shared resources, it was imperative that the client start with an Internet-based platform. They needed to have the ability for each location to upload information from the local machine to a centralized storage. They also needed to embed images from the file storage into the EMR system

Proposed Solution

To meet the needs and the cost requirements of this client, L5 Consulting implemented: Hosted private phone system (PBx); high-speed Internet Access; and a Private Cloud solution, which simplified application installation on the server using the industry-leading Citrix XenApp solution. The combined solutions feature:

  • Integrated user account security, with security groups for drive mappings and file-level access
  • One-way access from the local machine to the Cloud server for file copying
  • Reduced downtime for network and system maintenance to under 2 hours per month
  • Hosted corporate email located inside of the same DataCenter as the Private Cloud
  • EMR and database solution installed inside the Private Cloud
  • Fast, low-cost Internet connections from a nationwide provider
  • Elimination of all long-distance charges - allowed for seamless call operations, and a “hot desking” feature (users log into any phone and have their same settings and extension number) and employees to move from location to location with no reconfiguration.

Solution Details

Private Cloud
By implementing a Private Cloud, this medical group established an integrated, secure solution that met the requirements of “Meaningful Use” and decreased the chance of a HIPAA Healthcare violation. Keeping the EMR system in the Private Cloud meant care providers could work from anywhere without compromising the confidentiality of patient information.

In addition to compliance requirements, the integrated system allow allowed overall patient care and responsiveness to improve – not only were doctors and staff able to see more patients, remote access allowed diagnosis and review to be carried out even in the patient’s home or in a hospital.

Operationally across all locations, there was a 40% decrease in scheduling conflicts and a 25% improvement in patient wait times. Finally, the super high-speed of the Internet in the Datacenter meant that supporting document uploads for insurance and recovery claim submissions did not interfere with the overall performance of the system for everyone else.

Internet Access
By using common Internet connections in each location, access costs were only marginally increased from DSL pricing, but the overall speed of connectivity was increased by a factor of 10X. Moreover, each location’s Internet cost was one-fourth the cost of traditional high-speed business connectivity.

Phone System
Since inception, the group has realized cost savings of approximately 80% over the traditional landline services previously in place, freeing up significant revenues for redirection to other business priorities.

The hosted PBX platform treats the multiple locations as belonging to a single campus. As a result, communication between separate locations is now tightly integrated, thanks to direct dialing between employee extensions. Movement between locations is streamlined with the “hot desking” feature, as extensions and settings follow the user, both inside the office and outside. Administrative management of multiple locations is also greatly simplified with a management web interface.

Medical staff and doctors working from mobile phones can now easily answer and make calls, even when working from remote locations.


Total implementation and support costs were reduced by 41 percent over a 3-year period.


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