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Business Brief - Automating Data in Healthcare Storage Systems

Client Background

This client is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. This group provides sleep disorder diagnosis and testing, as well as CPAP technology solutions. They have five locations, each distributed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of confidentiality requirements, the name of the group has not been disclosed.

Business Challenge

There were a variety of challenges to proper implementation of centralized information storage, including:

  • Each facility had a connected network across private T-1 Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) connections – all resources were stored in centralized services, so data considerations had to be implemented across the slow connections of the PWAN.
  • All sleep study equipment had to be connected to local workstations, and the local workstations did not have any kind of backup. File storage in secondary facilities was limited to the local machines.
  • The central storage was not effectively backed up offsite, per compliance requirements.
  • Transfer of information to the centralized storage was performed manually on a daily basis. On average, a dedicated IT support technician was required to spend an average of 4.5 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

Goals of the Project

The client wanted to find a solution that accelerated the transfer to centralized storage of patient studies. In addition, it was important that confidentiality be increased and maintained throughout the process of data transfer and centralization. Finally, management wanted to re-assign the technician to providing services requisite to a standard position, as the dedicated service was prohibitive - costs for the technician and the lost-time productivity were projected at $235,000 over a 3-year period.

Proposed Solution

To meet the needs and the requirements of this client, L5 Consulting implemented:

  • Automated onsite transfers to a centralized storage in each remote location. Also copied central location files to a remote center on a rotating basis.
  • Scheduled and automated data transfers from the remote locations, distributed across several hours.
  • Integration of a web-based application that a). Displays only the location information and the size of the storage b). Transfers all of the files into a new folder with sequential numbering c). Automatically performs cleanup of the temporary storage on a monthly basis and d). Logs all activities and sends an email when the day’s tasks are completed.


Exceeded direct labor target
All required activities using labor were completed in less than 20 minutes per day, decreasing direct labor by a minimum of 1,100 hours per year. Resulted in a Direct Labor cost savings of $208,600 over three years.

Increased data storage integrity in both off-site storage across all sites and integrated centralized storage
Centralized local storage in remote offices created automatic offsite data storage at very little cost, meeting compliance requirements for offsite storage. Transferred data from the central office to complete the compliance requirements of offsite storage.

Exceeded the goals in data security and medical compliance initiatives
Integrated daily and monthly reporting, so that all audit level controls could be authenticated. Implemented two special security groups to control access for both the web-based interface and the reporting modules. Restricted visibility to information, so compliance initiatives were maintained for even temporary and part-time employees.


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