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How VoIP Can Be an Integral Part of Your Business Improvement

One of the most effective ways you can work on business improvement is by reducing the cost of communication for your business. There are various ways you can do this, but one easy approach is by switching some of your phone systems to Voice-over-IP, or VoIP. Here are a few reasons why this helps.

Free Options
One of the advantages of some VoIP systems is that they can be free under certain circumstances. For example, if you already have an Internet connection between two people on the other side of the world that are just at their desks, you can often find free options for talking back and forth without having any cost associated with that at all.

This means that VoIP can often be a good solution for inter-company communication in the right situation. If you need communication options while you’re on the go, VoIP can often be a superior option.

Advantages of VoIP

There are strong advantages offered by VoIP over a landline system, including many advanced telephony features that come loaded with these communication solutions.

Cost Reductions
VoIP communication systems for businesses do not need huge investment and are even priced lower than the landline or PSTN telephone system. In many cases, you can save 30 percent or more on costs by switching to VoIP. The monthly expenses for using the VoIP phone system is much lower than the landline phones and you will be able to make huge savings on your monthly telephone bills. This saved amount can later be used for other business purposes like enhancing your business operations or buying latest equipment. That is a strong argument when considering just how expensive overseas rates can be with cellphone companies.

International Rates
One of the main ways you can save through VoIP is when it comes to calling overseas. If you have to communicate with employees who are on the go in other countries, the rates for VoIP services are almost always significantly lower than those from most standard phone plans.

Company Image
Imagine being able to compete with bigger business when it comes to presenting a very professional image. There are advanced several features that come with VoIP business communication solutions which will help you to project a very professional image to your customers and business associates. For instance, the auto attendant feature can redirect the calls to the appropriate department.

Another integral feature of VoIP supporting your image is the use of Call Parking, or a "Waiting Room". This allows customers to know about their wait time based on call volume. This is key to making certain that all calls will be handled in a very professional manner, but done with little or no personal intervention.

What is Included with VoIP?

In addition to phone calls, there are many enhancements that come loaded with business VoIP solutions, including:
Web Management
Auto Attendant 24 hours a day
Integrated Caller ID and Call Blocking
Digital Voicemail to extension or email
Programmable Hold Music
Call Forwarding to other extensions and outside numbers
Find Me, Follow Me to mobile devices
Ringing of Simultaneous Devices
Call Parking for Customer Service
Integrated Faxes to/from extensions
Conference Calls with host options

Not every VoIP service provider offers all the above enhancements, and some providers only include them as premium features.

It is important that knowledgeable people research your business communication needs to find out what features would be best, and whether you might benefit from premium enhancements.

If you want more information about how VoIP and other strategies can improve your business, or to request a communications review by our consultants, please click here to contact us today.


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